Planning for efficient taxation expenditures is imperative for your business. We work with you to minimize your taxes and also to minimize the systems costs to carry out your plan.

We also do tax planning for individuals and estates, and commodity taxes such as PST and GST.

We offer a comprehensive service, advising you on what you can do to properly and legally minimize your income tax and maintain the appropriate records as required by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Taxation is a complex area and we maintain the appropriate professional development and training to do our best for you. Staying up to date with income tax issues requires regular reading and review of subscription services and related training courses. We take the time to explain your returns to you and help you to understand the fine points.

As our tax services are professional we prefer to provide tax preparation in the circumstances that will achieve the best value for the fees that we charge. If your income tax requirements are for a corporation, or are for an individual with business, investment or rental income, you will appreciate the services we can provide.

We utilize E-file and other electronic service options provided by Canada Revenue Agency.

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